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A director is a person who is responsible for the management of the daily operations of a company. It is not always feasible...

A director is a person who is responsible for the management of the daily operations of a company. It is not always feasible for the members to manage the organization due to various factors such as geographical or large number of members. Therefore, the members appoint a director to govern the company.

It is important to note that only an individual (Natural Human Being) can be the director of a company. A Company, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Association of Person (AOP), Body of Individual (BOI) cannot be a director as they are not individuals.

Documents Required
  • Photograph
  • Identity Proof (AADHAAR Card, Pan Card, Voter ID card, Passport etc.)
  • Residence proof (Electricity Bill, Ration Card etc.)
  • Board Resolution
  • Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

An application must be submitted by the applicant to the Central Government using the form DIR-3 on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA) website. Form DIR-3 must be signed by the proposed director using a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and verified by the Company Secretary or the Managing Director or the Director or the CEO or the CFO of the company.


An SRN (Service Request Number) will be generated after the submission of the application on the MCA portal. Against that SRN, the applicant must pay the required government fee either online or offline. The SRN obtained can be used to track the status of DIN allotment. Any complaints can be filed through MCA portal using the same SRN.

Allotment of DIN

After the submission of the form along with other documents and fee, the Central Government will scrutinise the form and assess the validity of the information provided.
If the Central Government asserts that the information provided by the proposed director is accurate and that he or she is qualified to be appointed as the director of the company, it will assign a Director Identification Number(DIN) within 30 days from the date of application and communicate the same.
If the form is found to be defective, the Central Government will intimate the person by email and direct the person to rectify those mistakes within a period of 15 days. The fee paid by the applicant is non-refundable. Therefore, it is important to fill the form after consulting a practising Chartered accountant or a Company Secretary.
Once the Director Identification Number(DIN) is allotted by the Central Government, it will remain valid until the time the director is alive. There is no need to apply for a new DIN if the person wants to be a director of more than one Company.

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