Trademark Registration Process

Before beginning the trademark registration process, the entrepreneur or the trademark professional must conduct a trademark search of the trademarks which are already registered as it provides the information about the registered trademarks. Once the search completes, the applicant can apply with the Trademark Registrar. The registration must be made in the prescribed manner and filed along with the fee.

Trademark registration must contain following information :

  • Logo or the symbol
  • Name and Address of trademark owner
  • Classification or trademark class
  • Description of service

Once Trademark registration application is filed with the registrar a trademark registration allotment number is provided in one or two days.
Once trademark application is filled and after receiving the allotment number, the trademark officer review the trademark application form.
If trade mark registration application is objected by trademark officer then the trademark applicant has to justify the objection of officer. If officer is satisfied with justification of trademark applicant, trademark would be allowed for Trademark application journal.
Trademark Application Journal is published weekly and contain information regarding all the trademark which are accepted by Trademark Officer. Once trademark is publish trademark journal. Public at large has opportunity to object trademark registration if it cause any damage within 90 days of publication.
If registration of trademark is opposed by third party, hearing will be called by Trademark Hearing Officer both parties have opportunity to provide justification.
And if there is no objection regarding the trademark. The trademark is typically registered. Trademark registration certificate and the trademark manuscript is sent.

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