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Advance Authorization Scheme

The government of India has introduced various types of schemes to increase exports made by the country. All import and export-related activities are governed by Foreign Trade Policy which is aimed at increasing the export and use trade expansion as…

The Negotiable Instruments

IT is a written order to pay a fixed sum of money on demand or at a certain time.  A negotiable instrument can be easily transferred from one person to another. Once the instrument is transferred, the holder gets a…

Small Company

The concept of Small Company was first introduced in the Companies Act, 2013. This is a new step towards the de-regulation of entities through providing some exemptions, privileges and liberation with lesser compliances burden on the entities which are smaller…

Venture Capital Finance

Venture capital is finance that is provided by investors to start-ups, early-stage and small companies that have the potential to reshape markets and grow very fast. The money deployed by a Venture Capital firm usually comes from well-off investors, investment…

Startup Schemes in India

Startup is an Entrepreneurial Venture or a new Business in the form of a Company, a Partnership, Proprietorship, etc. generally newly created with innovative concepts and too high growth potential. The Startups are growing in our country day by day,…

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